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Binary packages are built for the current version of R: they may also be built for the last version in the previous series (e.g. R 3.1.3 when R 3.2.x is current) or for R-devel.

Questions about binary packages should be addressed to those responsible for building them: Simon Urbanek (OS X) and Uwe Ligges (Windows); email addresses ‘ First.Lastname ’.

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When submitting a package to CRAN you should use the submission form at Mens 44899713403 Jeans Q/S designed by zZcfq
(and not send an email). You will be sent a confirmation email which needs to be accepted.

You can check that the submission was received by looking at Jacquard Lace Shorts Ted Baker J22u4JwR
. Submission difficulties (such as non-receipt of the confirmation email) can be discussed with .

In more detail:

In principle, packages must pass R CMD check without warnings or significant notes to be admitted to the main package area. If there are warnings or notes you cannot eliminate (for example because you believe them to be spurious) send an explanatory note as part of your covering email, or as a comment on the submission form.

For interpretation of the URL checks, see URL_checks.html .

If the package needs special treatment (for example if vignettes can only be run or re-built on the maintainer’s machine or take a very long time), say so on the submission form.

Authors can avoid a lot of the all too frequent rounds of updates by checking carefully for themselves. It should be normal for those without Windows machines of their own to use the Chainstrap faille dress Isa Arfen JUKZezorv
service to check a package before submission. There is a lot of helpful advice on writing portable packages in “Writing R Extensions” .

Before submitting a package update, consult the CRAN check page at ‘ ’, substituting NAME by the name of your package. In particular, wait for that page to be fully updated after publication of a version (which can take at least 48 hours) before submitting any corrections.

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Re-submission is done in the same way as submission, using the ‘Optional comment’ field on the webform (and not a separate email) to explain how the feedback on previous submission(s) has been addressed.

Updates to previously-published packages must have an increased version number unless a ‘same-version update’ is requested by the maintainers. Increasing the version number at each submission reduces confusion so is preferred even when a previous submission was not accepted.

The following illustration shows an example of the Remaining Work report in the Hours of Work view. This example is healthy in that a steady rate of work is being completed. However, the team significantly underestimated the amount of work that was required to complete the iteration, as shown by the hours remaining at the start and the hours completed at the end.

The following illustration shows the same report as in the previous illustration but in the Number of Work Items view, with the work items grouped by state. Although the team made good progress resolving and closing work items, the estimate of work items increased from the start of the iteration to almost three times more by the end of the iteration.

The following table summarizes the data that the report shows, subject to which filters and display option you specify.

For the Remaining Work report to be useful and accurate, the team must perform the following activities to track work items:

Define tasks, stories, and bugs, and specify the Iteration and Area paths for each work item.



For information about how to define iteration and area paths, see Define area paths or Womens Kail Mules Flats House Of Harlow 46UZo8l

Specify and update the HoursCompleted and HoursRemaining fields for each task or subtask as the team makes progress on each work item.

HoursCompleted HoursRemaining


If you subdivide a task into subtasks, specify hours only for the subtasks. These hours are rolled up as summary values for the parent task and user story. For more information, see Address inaccuracies published for summary values .

Update the State of each task, story, and bug as it progresses from active to closed.

To understand the progress made for your current iteration, the start and end dates for the report must match those of your current iteration cycle.

Next to Iteration Start (Date) or Iteration End (Date) , click the calendar icon, and then click a date.

Iteration Start (Date) Iteration End (Date)

Click View Report .

View Report

The Remaining Work report displays information that you can use to understand how well the team is progressing and whether the team will finish the tasks within the allocated time.

You can review the report to determine the progress within an iteration or over time. Specifically, you can find answers to these questions:

How fast is the team burning down remaining work?

Retropharyngeal carotid artery, right.

If the area of concern is the tonsil itself, tonsillectomy may be the best form of biopsy. See the Indications section above as well as Medscape Reference's Tonsillectomy article.

The images below depict the procedure.

Patient is placed in Crowe Davis suspension prior to biopsy to ensure appropriate exposure. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
The tumor is noted to arise from the right tonsil and extend beyond the tonsillar pillars to the posterior oropharynx. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Close up of the same submucosal tumor arising from the oropharynx. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Injection with 1% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine prior to biopsy. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Defect from the biopsy with cupped forceps. Pathology was consistent with poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
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Biopsies may be performed in the office or operating room setting, depending on the patient’s tolerance, medical factors, extent of necessary biopsy, and location of the lesion.

Asymmetric tonsils may or may not mandate tonsillectomy, depending on risk factors, physical findings, and the comfort of the physician and patient with a watch and wait approach.

In unknown primary cervical squamous cell metastasis, bilateral tonsillectomy is recommended in combination with other areas of the oropharynx and Waldeyer ring.

Conservative use of benzocaine sprays is warranted, secondary to the risk of embellished pumps Pink amp; Purple Miu Miu GE6sc0


Complications include the following:


Pain: This is usually minimal but typically increases with increased surface area of the mucosal defect created by the biopsy. This is more notable in tonsillectomy.

Damage to nearby structures such as teeth, lips, tongue, glossopharyngeal nerve, greater palatine neurovascular bundle, and carotid artery

Lack of diagnosis secondary to nondefinitive biopsy


St Guily JL, Clavel C, Okaïs C, Prétet JL, Beby-Defaux A, Agius G, et al. Human papillomavirus genotype distribution in tonsil cancers. . 2011 Feb 7. 3(1):6. . .

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